21st  National  Convention  Guwahati  2018

All India Federation of Tax Practitioners


Dear Colleagues

I deem it a honored privilege in extending a warm invitation to you to attend the 21th National Convention of the Federation to be held at Guwahati on 22nd and 23rd December, 2018 organised bt hte East Zone of the All India Federation of Tax Practitioners. Guwahati, the city of Maa Kamakhya had the privilege of hosting two National Tax Conferences earlier. However , it is for the first time that the National Convention of the Federation is going to be held at Guwahati. The theme of the conference is Saarthi - Globalization and Changes in Tax Laws - Role and Responsibilities of Tax Professionals in Nation Building. The National Executive Committee meeting shall be held on 21st Secember, evening.

A large numberof dignitaries, legal luminaries and eminent tax professionals from all over the country are likely to attend the Convention.

Kindly send your itinerary in advance so that proper arrangement can be made.

I am sure that you will attend the Convention posotively and give us the opportunity to host you.

With best regards.

Dr Ashok Saraf
Organising Committee
21th National Convention, 2018


 Chairman  Dr. Ashok Saraf
 Co- Chairman  Mr. G. N. Sahewala
 Co- Chairman  Mr. Manoj Nahata
 Vice Chairman  Mr. Sanjay Kr. Sureka
 Secretary  Mr. Kamal Agarwal
 Joint Secretary  Mr. Amit Goyal
 Joint Secretary  Mr. Suman Chetia
 Joint Secretary  Mr. Bharat Kr.Purohit
 Treasurer  Mr. Aditya Tosniwal
 Members -
  1. Mr. Pankaj Bhura
  2. Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal
  3. Mr. Vinod Lohia
  4. Mr. SoumitraSaikia
  5. Mr. Rajesh Bhatra
  6. Ms. NituHawelia
  7. Ms. Medha Lila Gope
  8. Mr. Koushik Roy
  9. Mr. Pritam Baruah
  10. Mr. V.K. Chopra
  11. Mr. S.K. Kejriwal
  12. Ms. Babita Goyal
  13. Ms. Raginee Goyal
  14. Mr. Mohan Agarwal
  15. Mr. VivekJalan
  16. Mr. N.D Saha
  17. Mr. S.C Garg
  18. Mr. R.D Kakra
  19. Mr. S. Choraria
 Advisors -
  1. Mr. O.P. Rathi
  2. Mr. S.K. Jajodiya
  3. Mr. S.N. Sharma
  4. Mr. V.K. Sureka
  5. Mr. Narayan Jain



  1. Delegates and Registration Committee
    Chairman - Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sureka
    Members -
    • Mr. Pratyush Das
    • Mr. Mohan Agarwal
    • Mr. Kamal More
    • Mr. ManojNahata
    • Mr. Bharat Kr. Purohit
  1. Transportation Committee
    Chairman –Mr. Kamal Kothari
    Members -
    • Mr. Zeehan Islam
    • Mr. Gaurav Khandelia
    • Mr. Pramod Agarwal
    • Mr. Pankaj Bhura
    • Mr. Kunal Jajodia
  1. Media and Publicity Committee
    Chairman - Mr. Amit Goyal
    Members -
    • Mr. Amal Dey
    • Mr. Ankit Jain
    • Mr. SwamagatPranam Sharma
    • Ms. Raginee Goyal
  1. Event Management Committee
    Chairman - Mr. Suman Chetia
    Members -
    • Mr. Rajesh Bhatra
    • Ms. Medha Lila Gope
    • Mr. Babita Goyal
    • Mr. Neelav Nayan Dutta
    • Mr. Adarsh Agarwal
  1. Finance Committee
    Chairman - Dr. Ashok Saraf
    Members -
    • Mr. O.P. Rathi
    • Mr. Bikash Agarwala
    • Mr. Debashish Baruah
    • Mr. Om Prakash Agarwal
    • Mr. R.C. Joshi
  1. Volunteers Committee
    Chairman - Ms. Babita Goyal
    Members -
    • Mr. Mukesh Agarwal
    • Mr. Gaurav Agarwal
    • Ms. Kalyani Devi
    • Mr. Mohan Agarwal
    • Mr. Pawan Chadkotia (Agarwal)
  1. Food Committee
    Chairman –Mr. Dinesh Gupta
    Members -
    • Mr. Manish Agarwal
    • Mr. Vinod Lohia
    • Mr. Bipul Sharma
  1. Accomodation Committee
    Chairman - Mr. Bharat Kr. Purohit
    Members -
    • Mr. Kamal More
    • Mr. Adarsh Agarwal
    • Mr. Ankit Jain
    • Mr. Vishal Agarwal
    • Mr. Manish Agarwal
  1. Cultural Programme Committee
    Chairman - Mr. Pankaj Bhura
    Members -
    • Mr. Dharmendra Jain
    • Mr. Koushik Roy
    • Mr. Vivek Jalan
  1. Souvenir Committee
    Chairman - Mr. Pritam Baruah
    Members -
    • Ms. Kavita Jain
    • Ms. Raginee Goyal
    • Mr. Kamal More
    • Mr. Amit Goyal
  1. Lady Delegates Entertainment Committee
    Chairman – Ms. Nitu Hawelia
    Members -
    • Ms. Babita Goyal
    • Ms. Kavita Jain
    • Ms. Medha Lila Gope
    • Ms. Yukti Saraf
    • Ms. Priyanka Sharma


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